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An open and exploratory design-led research centre at Lancaster University
We conduct applied and theoretical research into people, products, places and their interactions.
We work with a variety of organisations to provide fresh perspectives on real-world issues and facilitate innovation.
We offer Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD study opportunities. All our staff are active researchers with extensive expertise in teaching.


Innovation '09 Conference Paper

Cruickshank, L., Mather, A. & Evans, M., 2009. Applied Imagination - Designing Innovative Knowledge Transfer Approaches. In Innovation 09: Innovation through Knowledge Transfer (Conference). Institute of Knowledge Transfer. Available at: internal-pdf://DesigningKT.pdf.

This paper describes a...Read full update

Understanding Design Interventions in Democratic Innovation: a Toolkit Approach

OutcomeJournal Paper

The relationship between society and design is in a period of transition. We are observing a move from the ‘object’ to ‘service’, and from problem solving, to problem finding, to design strategy. In this paper we explore how a ‘toolkit approach’ allows us to both contribute to democratic innovation...More information

Create Workshop

Event9 years, 4 months and 22 days ago
Create Workshop

26th of January 2010

In Create we explored the requirements and characteristics for creativity to grow and flourish.

Applying cutting edge research in creativity and design we determined that almost by definition that anyone involved in business will be creative and have the...Read full update

Connect Workshop

Event9 years, 4 months and 29 days ago
Connect Workshop

19th of January 2010

This workshop has looked at Social Networks and how value can be created through them by providing simple and hands-on tools to benefit from your contacts. Networks are, in fact, an important means through which companies can access knowledge and resources to...Read full update

Clinicians as service designers? Reflections on current transformation in the UK health services

OutcomeConference Paper

The British National Health Service (NHS) has been involved in profound transformation tokeep pace with, and shape, changes in our society. Innovation has been driven by thenecessity to transform old hierarchical and paternalistic models into a modern health system,moving care closer to home,...More information

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RT @_DanRichards_: Our IoT-based Chatty Speaker and digital twin demo is at @PerDisAcm with @redspike666 #chattyfactories @jameskthorp @dav

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Exciting news! Beyond Imagination, a £13.2 million project using cutting-edge design research to tackle some of th… https://t.co/1rIx5SD9E8

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RT @ProfTriviality: Journal paper More-Than Human Centred Design: Considering Other Things by @joegalen and myself now available online htt…

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