moBile sociAl netwoRking supporTing local Ethical tRading

This project will investigate whether gameful design of mobile and ubiquitous computing can be used to enhance local ethical trade initiatives by: combining elements of social networking, alongside elements derived from Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS) and Local/Community currencies to produce a new approach we term a Local Wealth Generation System that will encourage individuals to move from seeing themselves as private consumers to public citizens. This research project will be conducted ‘In the Wild’ through support from the EPSRC.

Project Team

CoultonCoulton Paul Coulton Speculative Design, Design Fiction, Game Design, Design as Rhetoric, Research through Design, Design Futures, Play, Toys
Jon Whittle Jon Whittle Department of Computing
Mark Lochrie Mark Lochrie School of Computing and Communications
Bran Knowles Bran Knowles HighWire PhD student
Mike Hallam Mike Hallam Lancaster Ethical Small Traders Association


BARTER Project goes Open Source

The code base produced as part of the BARTER project is being released Open Source so that other communities can benifit from the research.

As we enter the final stages of the BARTER the project where we are starting to release the project code base to the open source community. This code...Read full update

Wicked Persuasion: A Designerly Approach

OutcomeConference Paper

Persuasive computing has tended to be applied toward the promotion of minor behavior change in the direction of easily understood and uncontroversial goals. Such approaches may not make sense, however, when designing for so called ‘wicked problems’. We argue that while wicked...More information

NuBlue provides support for BARTER

NuBlue are providing free hosting for BARTER to log research data in the cloud.

We are delighted that InfoLab21 company NuBlue has offered to provide BARTER with free hosting for the duration of the project. This allows us to utilise a scalable virtual hosting platform t...Read full update

Local Trade-Local Wealth NFC cards

Local Trade-Local Wealth NFC cards

Local Trade – Local Wealth NFC cards.

Today we took delivery of the first batch of Catalyst project Local Trade – Local Wealth NFC cards. These will enable customers to register their trades with members of ESTA in Lancaster during the system alpha trials that will commence shortly. The...Read full update