Beyond Imagination

Providing fresh perspectives on real world issues and facilitating innovation

Beyond Imagination is a radical £13.2 million research project, will explore and demonstrate how cutting-edge design research can create a healthier, more prosperous and sustainable world. one of only 13 awards made out of 130 applications from across the UK and is funded by UKRI Research England. The three-year project will provide fresh perspectives on the real world focusing on five key themes: home and living; communities and the public sector; factory and workplaces; cities and urban; and population and policy. These clusters, each to be managed by a leading design professor, are connected by four themes: health, sustainability, international and prosperity.

Building on 12-years’ cross-disciplinary design research by ImaginationLancaster, we are uniquely placed to support this type of radical transformation in research. Recognised as one of the top design research laboratories globally, ImaginationLancaster undertakes design research across a broad range of areas addressing issues around futures for people, places, products and services, for example; Ageing Society, Artificial Intelligence and Data, Clean Growth, Health and Wellbeing - and it will also identify and tackle future emerging challenges. The expansion of ImaginationLancaster will include initiatives focused on architectural research in addition to design. 

Project Team

CruickshankCruickshank Leon Cruickshank Open Design and Innovation, User Centred and User-Led Design, Interactive Design, Technology and Society, Design Methodology, Design Theory and Philosophy
DunnDunn Nick Dunn Urban Design, Design Thinking, Design & Manufacturing, Mapping, Visualisation, Speculative Design, Future Cities
CooperCooper Rachel Cooper Design Management, Design Policy, Design Thinking, Urban Design, Urban Sustainability, Socially Responsible Design, Design Against Crime, Design & Manufacture