A Designerly Approach to Re-imagining Design Procurement

How can designerly approaches develop innovative ways of engendering empathy between commissioning and procurement?

This project, led by Dr Emma Murphy, aims to uncover what good design procurement looks like. Working with design consultancies, contracting authorities, design bodies and UK Government, we are exploring the procurement landscape, best practice, and how designerly approaches can help commissioning and procurement better at buying design. 

Project Team

MurphyMurphy Emma Murphy Design Management, Research Methodology & Methods, Branding (Organisational, Place and Services), Design Thinking, Design Procurement, Briefing Process, Design and Business.


Helsinki Masterclass: Engendering Empathy in Design Procurement

Helsinki Masterclass: Engendering Empathy in Design Procurement

In collaboration with Jussi Sorsimo, Culminatum Innovation

Emma Murphy of ImaginationLancaster and Jussi Sorsimo of Culminatum Innovation have been working together on building prototypes and landscapes of design procurement. Together, they ran a Masterclass with the City of Helsinki on what...Read full update

Buying Design: Where are we Now?

OutcomeWhite Paper

This term paper, written in collaboration with the Cabinet Office procurement team and the Associate Parliamentary Design and Innovation Group, presents an update of what's what in design procurement.   Contributing authors are: Sally Collier, Deputy Chief Procurement Officer for...More information