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CoultonCoulton Paul Coulton Speculative Design, Design Fiction, Game Design, Design as Rhetoric, Research through Design, Design Futures, Play, Toys


Design Futures through Design Fiction

Design Futures through Design Fiction

Research vsit to EINA, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona.

Prof Paul Coulton was invited to give a workshop and lecture at EINA in Barcelona iabout his work on ‘Designing the Future’. The workshop and lecture concentrated on the speculative design practice of design fiction...Read full update

Design Fiction: Game of Drones

OutcomeConference Paper

As part of the work I am doing with PhD student Joe Lindley exploring Design Fiction through the creation of Design Fiction our paper ‘Game of Drones’ has been accepted for ChiPlay. The paper explores the use of drones to provide gamified services to local authorities that aid in the enforcement of...More information