Imagining a City with our Senior Citizens

The aim of this pilot project is to explore how might speculative design enable citizens and governments in developing countries engage in policy agenda setting on aging well in the city.

This project is a collaboration between Lancaster University (UK), Sunway University (Malaysia) and the United Nations University (Malaysia).

Like other developed and developing countries globally, Malaysia faces the challenges of supporting an ageing population. The World Health Organization (2015) has been critical of the approaches adopted internationally thus far and has argued that “more of the same will not be enough” and “with the right policies and services in place, population ageing can be viewed as a rich new opportunity for both individuals and societies”.

The seed-corn funding will enable research project team members to work collaboratively with other key stakeholders from Malaysia and the region, pilot test the speculative design approach in this context, and develop a further proposal for a longer-term and geographically wider-reaching project. 


Project Team

TseklevesTsekleves Emmanuel Tsekleves Design for Health & Wellbeing, Design for Ageing, Design Interactions, Global Challenge Design, Design Fictions, Playful Design, Digital Design
Sabir Giga Sabir Giga Senior Lecturer in Organizational Health and Well-Being, Lancaster University
Min Hooi Yong  Min Hooi Yong Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Sunway University
Clarissa Lee Ai Ling Clarissa Lee Ai Ling Research Fellow at the JeffreySachs Centre on Sustainable Development, Sunway University
Jung Shan Hwang Jung Shan Hwang Associate Prof at the Sunway Institute for Healthcare Development, Sunway University
Sian Lun Lau Sian Lun Lau Associate Dean/ Head (Academic) Department of Computing and Information Systems, Sunway University
David Tan David Tan United Nations University, International Institute for Global Health


ImaginAging work to be presented in Sydney at

ImaginAging work to be presented in Sydney at

the 4S - TRANSnational Science and Technology Studies.

Dr Clarissa Lee will be presenting the ImaginAging work in Making and Doing Exhibition of the 4S - TRANSnational Science and Technology Studies (STS) in Sydney this August.  The presentation will cover the three modes ascribed to the...Read full update

Successful pilot workshop paves the way forward

Successful pilot workshop paves the way forward

in developing future speculative design for ageing well

Fifteen older adults from Klang Valley, between 60 and 85, attended the pilot workshop that saw the deployment of speculative design as a qualitative research methodology for drawing out issues that are of greatest concern...Read full update

First ImaginAging workshop to pilot test

First ImaginAging workshop to pilot test

a participatory speculative design methodology in Malaysia.

The recently concluded World Urban Forum 2018(WUF) explored what thefuture of cities meant andthe different facets of urbanization. This year’sWUF emphasised the importance of community participation and promoted the...Read full update