Living Design

The effective use of design for sustainability in maker enterprises

The overarching goal of this practice-based design research is to develop effective ways of using design to implement the principles of sustainability in local enterprises - ways that enable the development of long-lasting, desirable products that employ local skills and materials, and that offer new market opportunities - thus ensuring economically viable futures in ways that are culturally relevant and environmentally responsible.

Project Team

WalkerWalker Stuart Walker Design for Sustainability ; Design, Values & Spirituality
EvansEvans Martyn Evans Design, Design Management, Design Futures, Design Strategy, Design and Branding, Design Policy, Design Thinking, New Product Development
YazdanpanahYazdanpanah Poone Yazdanpanah Design for Sustainability, Tradition and Transition, Meanings and Values, Crafts and Architecture

Partners / Funders

Project Partners

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