Jewel Enyonam Kpoh: G Up partner Introduction

The rapidly changing environment businesses operate in today makes it necessary for them to be innovative in order to remain relevant. This makes innovation vital for the long term survival of businesses. If firms innovate successfully, they thrive and this has a positive impact on the economy of a country.

As a PhD candidate, I am looking into the area of organisational ambidexterity, which is concerned with how firms innovate and increase efficiency simultaneously. There have been various studies in European and Western contexts, but unfortunately, not much has been done in the African setting. Context matters. The institutional and cultural context is markedly different from what pertains in the West, and so what works there may not necessarily work here.

This is why the G-Up project is so important. Working with the indigenous artisans to develop innovation models suitable to the context is truly ground-breaking. I am excited about this project because it promises to be an eye-opening experience for me. Getting onto the field and interacting with these artisans will give insight into how they currently innovate while offering us an opportunity to help them do it better.


Jewel Enyonam Kpoh

Lancaster University Ghana


5th of January 2017