Past Visions of Future Cities

Where are our flying cars and hoverboards? 

An article by The Guardian (06-02-2015) examines the influence of how future cities have been portrayed across different media via a recent government Office for Science report,A Visual History of the Futurecommissioned as part of the Foresight: Future of Cities project, and a forthcoming exhibition,The Future City, to be held at the RIBA, Portland Place, London, 10 February - 31 March.

Past Visions of Future Cities

The article also features extracts from an interview with Nick Dunn about the kind of future cities we want to live, work and play in, and how we should think of ourselves as co-designers of the future so that our cities may become a shared and equitable resource for all.

You can read the full article here.


6th of February 2015