CITIE - Northern Powerhouse Analysis Report Launch

Professor Rachel Cooper launches the CITIE - Northern Powerhouse Analysis Report.

Professor Cooper chaired the launch of the CITIE - Northern Powerhouse Analysis Report in Leeds June 7. CITIE is a global initiative that not only provides examples of best practice and performance in cities but also shares this data in a format that fosters and enables collaboration and action. It is not a ranking of best and worst but instead provides a profile for cities to identify their strengths and weaknesses, pointing cities to others they can learn from. Developed by Future Cities Catapult, Nesta and Accenture, they used the CITIE Framework to analyze the performance of Northern Powerhouse region and through interviews with key figures in each city, provide a practical tool for action.  Understanding relative strengths shows how local ingredients can be added to the mix to develop the kind of public policy conditions, and ecosystem of partners, for applied innovation and entrepreneurial success. Jen Hawes-Hewitt, Director of Global Cities Strategy at Accenture and David Altbev, Senior Programme Manager for Nesta presented the finding from the Citie Analysis.

Herb Kim, Interim Head of Tech North, led a panel discussion between Mark Tuckett, Head of Policy and Improvement, Sheffield City Council; Robert Hamilton, Head of Economy and Urban Policy, Newcastle City Council;  Ian Jones, Smart Cities Lead, City of Leeds; and Claire Braithwaite, Tech Advisor, Manchester Growth Company. Each discussed the value of CITIE framework in helping to drive forward individual strategy concerning innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in their cities. The Panel discussion addressed the dominant role of digital technologies, data analysis and general collaboration that will help to drive performance across Northern Powerhouse.