The forthcoming book by Stuart Walker: "Designing Sustainability" is available for pre-order on Amazon, with editorial reviews by David Orr and others.

"Designing Sustainability: making radical changes in a material world" will be published by Routledge in May 2014.

Details are now available on Amazon (hardback edition - a paperback edition will be published simultaneously), which include editorial reviews by David Orr, Martin Palmer, Sara Parkin, Clive Dilnot and David Constantine MBE. Click on the links below:

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Editorial Reviews for Designing Sustainability by Stuart Walker

"Quite simply, this is the best book on the key issues that engage us - values, culture, the environment, beliefs, making a better world - that I have ever read. It is utterly original, deeply rooted, supremely pragmatic and splendidly visionary. You will not see anything in our physical, designed, created world in the same way ever again."

Martin Palmer, Secretary General, Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC)

  "A seminal contribution to the profession of design that begins with the heart and mind of the designer and the values most important to human flourishing . . . Designing Sustainability aims to ground the practice of design in a vision of a civilization worthy of being sustained. The message is timeless."

 David W. Orr, Paul Sears Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies & Politics, Oberin College, Ohio, Author of The Nature of Design and Design on the Edge

  “In the bustle of what counts for progress, too often we forget to imbue our objects, places and transactions with the meaning that makes life worthwhile.  Joyfully and patiently Stuart Walker shows us how to design spiritual satisfaction into the everyday so that we, and the Earth we inhabit, may be whole again.”

Sara Parkin, Founder Director and Trustee, Forum of the Future

 “Professor Walker gets to the essence of design for our future, offering a wake-up call for designers and consumers alike. His Quadruple Bottom line of Sustainability turns upside-down the emphasis on design for profit and mass consumerism. He calls for fundamental change and asks us to 'measure our contribution to sustainability not by how much we can do, but by how much we can do without'. A thought provoking and contemplative book that should be on every designer’s reading list.”

David Constantine MBE, Co-Founder, Motivation

 “In an age of all-encompassing artifice, Designing Sustainability challenges designers to re-think how their discipline understands nature. The originality and import of this book lies in how the author proposes ways of using design as an almost individual means of helping us re-engage transitively and unsentimentally (at deeper levels) with the natural.”

Clive Dilnot, Professor of Design Studies, The New School for Design, New York