The Future of Sustainable Packaging Research Summit

Dr Stephen Clune travelled to Sweden to meet with a dedicated and committed group of academics and scientists from around the globe for 'The Future of Sustainable Packaging Research Summit'.

The group seeks to progress sustainability research in relation to the role of packaging in minimising food waste. The group are committed to being a force for positive change and create new thinking and conversations about the impact of packaging on the global food supply chain. The group aims to deliver knowledge, advice and solutions that can provide a significant contribution to the food supply chain, and to feeding its population.

The aim is to develop work that informs: science, policy makers, business, designers and the citizen of the role and impact of packaging in relation to sustainable development. For example, the average Nordic consumer bought 96 L of milk in 2014, and 17% of this milk was throw away. This means that the amount of milk disposed by the Nordic countries is sufficient to supply the entire milk consumption of Zimbabwe or Sudan. What packaging systems would avoid this?
It is time to start a conversation!