Quote on the resurgence analogue products featured in the Telegraph and

in Yahoo

Liat Joshi's Telegraph aricle (Sat 24 Nov 18) on the resurgence of analogue products in a digital era, featured quoted from Imagination's Emmanuel Tsekleves. 

Emmanuel commented on the reason's behind our fascination with analogue tech. In the article he was quoted saying: 'Dr Emmanuel Tsekleves, senior lecturer in design interactions at Lancaster University, agrees: "As humans we're drawn to objects we can physically touch, feel and smell. This is linked to the way our brain is wired." He highlights too that physical items help us define ourselves to others. "We have a desire to own objects (books, vinyl records, etc) as opposed to a licence (Kindle, iTunes) and thus be able to collect, share and exhibit these." '

The article was also featured by Yahoo