Workshop on Parkinson's and IoT

paves the way for more research in this area

In October 2017 a two-day workshop was hosted on Monitoring Parkinson's Symptoms and regaining control through IoT: Benefits, Challenges and Future Opportunities.

The 24 attendees spanned a wide range of backgrounds (clinical, lived experience of Parkinson's, third sector, HCI, data science, and software and hardware engineering). A series of talks on day 1 focused on current opportunities for monitoring Parkinson's symptoms through smartphone technologies (Julio Vega, Manchester University); Amazon Web Services (John Davies, AWS); Ethical issues surrounding IoT and Assistive techologies (Grant Gibson, Stirling University); and challenges around IoT adoption (Paul Coulton, Lancaster University).

This was followed by group activities exploring the types of IoT devices currently on the market at the opportunities and challenges these might pose for tracking Parkinson's symptoms. The second day focused on the lived experiences of people with Parkinson's and engaged participants in prototyping IoT solutions based on a series of case studies.

The workshop identified new research needs and areas on monitoring Parkinson's symptoms and regaining control through IoT.