Design for Life: creating meaning in a distracted world


Drawing on wide range of sources and informed by creative practice, Design for Life examines the heart of modern culture and the malaise that underlies today’s moral and environmental crises. It is a malaise that is both deep-seated and fundamental to the modern outlook, which is preoccupied with technological progress, growth and the future. This has produced a constricted view of life – one that is both destructive and self-reinforcing.

Design for Life: creating meaning in a distracted world

Based on over twenty-five years of scholarship and creative practice, this book demonstrates the importance of solitude, contemplation, inner growth and the present moment in developing a different course – one that looks squarely at our current, precarious situation while offering a positive, hopeful way forward – a way that is compassionate, context-based, human scale, ethically motivated and critically creative.

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Publication Date

1st of May 2017


WalkerWalker Stuart Walker Design for Sustainability ; Design, Values & Spirituality