Future of Health and Healthcare Provision in Cities


This paper is concerned with the future of health and healthcare provision in cities in the UK. The primary data was collected at a facilitated workshop held at the Academy of Medical Sciences in September 2015. The workshop was designed to guide participants through a series of exercises in order to explore what the current, near future and far future trends in health and healthcare provision are likely to be for cities. 

Future of Health and Healthcare Provision in Cities

The paper is organised into six sections. First, we describe the importance of understanding health and healthcare provision within cities and the intrinsic relationship between people and their built environment with regard both of these topics. Second, we examine the significant transformations within the sector of health and healthcare provision over the last fifty years. Third, we explore potential negative scenarios for the future of such provision in cities. Fourth, we identify four possible future cities for healthy cities and effective healthcare provision. Fifth, we establish which policy developments would need to be designed and prioritised to facilitate delivery of these future cities. In conclusion, we establish a synthesis of the prevalent patterns and emergent relationships of themes raised during the workshop in order to draw together our findings and further understand how health and healthcare provision may impact the future of cities.









Future of Health and Healthcare Provision in Cities

Scenario report to help policy makers identify the best options for the present & take advantage of opportunities in the future.

Publication Date

22nd of August 2016


DunnDunn Nick Dunn Urban Design, Design Thinking, Design & Manufacturing, Mapping, Visualisation, Speculative Design, Future Cities
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