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Creating a National Park for the West Midlands

21 – 22 June 2018 | Birmingham City University

As with many other metropolitan areas around the world, the West Midlands is facing strong population growth, intense pressure for development and a real urgency to deal with issues of climate change, energy, water, bio-diversity and other resilience and sustainability issues. With its young, dynamic population, the ambition is for it to become the most sustainable and attractive conurbation in the UK based on its environment, education and employment, health, wealth and well-being.

This conference, explored a new look at landscape, capitalises on the coincidence of a number of transformative agendas that will help establish the WMCA and the UK at the forefront of planning and regeneration. These include the proposal for a National Park for the West Midlands Plateau, the opportunity to provide a unique and enduring legacy for the Commonwealth Games 2022 and the need to respond to the changing physical, social and economic geography that will occur with the arrival of HS2. Speakers included Andy Street, James Corner & Gareth Doherty.

Paul Cureton contributed to a design exhibition with twenty three large format maps and a four meter video projection showing a ten minute story map, alongside a conference talk on new mapping and innovation practices.

Publication Date

21st of June 2018


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