The Little Book of Sharing in the City


This little book tells you about research that we did as part of the Liveable Cities project, looking at sharing in cities. Through a series of conversations with researchers and workshops with citizens of Lancaster and Birmingham in 2015, we conclude that:
  • Cities are important hubs for sharing and they always have been
  • Sharing is more than just giving something to someone to use- there are a lot of factors to think about when trying to understand what sharing is!
  • A way of classifying sharing in cities can help make sense of all the examples of sharing and allow for easy comparisons between examples
  • The presence of physical and digital hubs and bridges and the need to promote sharing in different ways are incredibly important to sharing in cities
  • There are a multitude of resources about sharing that can be useful if you want to find out more information on the topic
  • Well-designed and fun exercises can get people mapping their examples of sharing in cities

This book therefore not only presents our current understanding of sharing, but illustrates how cities and communities can go about understanding the sharing phenomenon in their locality.

The Little Book of Sharing in the City


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The Little Book of Sharing in the City

Publication Date

8th of December 2016


BoykoBoyko Christopher Boyko Urban Design and Behaviour, Internet of Things, Protest/Resistance, Town Planning, Urban Sustainability, Wellbeing
CoultonCoulton Claire Coulton PETRAS IoT Research Hub and Transformation North West Project Officer
PollastriPollastri Serena Pollastri Visual Conversations on Futures and Cities. Understanding collaborative representational processes.
CluneClune Stephen Clune Design for Sustainability, Design and Behavioural Change
DunnDunn Nick Dunn Urban Design, Design Thinking, Design & Manufacturing, Mapping, Visualisation, Speculative Design, Future Cities
CooperCooper Rachel Cooper Design Management, Design Policy, Design Thinking, Urban Design, Urban Sustainability, Socially Responsible Design, Design Against Crime, Design & Manufacture

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