Night Moves for the Royal Academy of Arts


Nick Dunn's ongoing work exploring spatial practices and cities at night has resulted in a book chapter, 'Night Moves: Dissolving Time and Space in the Nocturnal City', published as part of a new book from the Royal Academy of Arts, Sensing Architecture: Essays on the Nature of Architectural Experience, edited by Owen Hopkins. Sensing Architecture sets out to provide a thoughtful commentary on our lived experience of inhabiting the world from several different and often surprising angles. The essays derive from a symposium of the same name held in March 2014 at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, which accompanied the exhibition ‘Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined’, in which seven leading architects created unique installations that the public was invited to move through and explore. Four papers from the symposium are included in this collection in revised and expanded form. They are joined by an essay from curator Kate Goodwin reflecting in detail on
 the ideas that informed ‘Sensing Spaces’, introduced with a series of images of the exhibition taken by the architectural photographer Hélène Binet. This collection is conceived to complement the exhibition’s insights and to offer further consideration of the different registers of ideas – philosophical, psychological, social and economic – that shape our experience of architecture.

Night Moves for the Royal Academy of Arts

Book Title

Sensing Architecture: Essays on the Nature of Architectural Experience


Owen Hopkins


Royal Academy Digital

Publication Date

21st of November 2017


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