Rhythm, Agency, Scoring and the City


Chapter 8 - Rhythm, Agency, Scoring and the City

Lawrence Halprin’s (1916-2009) work is part of the canon of Western landscape architectural design and has been widely embraced by the discipline. While Halprin is now part of the roll of famous practitioners, during his working life Halprin constantly looked outside the field of landscape architecture for answers to describe urban environments and ways to understand people’s perceptions of environments. Halprin’s work, however, has largely been historicized, particularly in the representational tools he developed, and their social agency is overlooked. A series of articles and recent publications have brought his overall work more to the fore, particularly through the scholarship of Alison Hirsch (2014) and Ann Komara (2012). Lawrence Halprin’s scores arguably lend themselves to contemporary challenges in landscape representation, particularly in the graphic depiction of time in landscape and in a period where landscape architects are seeking modes of participation

Rhythm, Agency, Scoring and the City






Lawrence Halprin, Urban Design, Landscape
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Landscape & Agency Critical Essays


Tim Waterman & Ed Wall



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17th of October 2017


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