An insight on how design and digital innovation can guide the army on the integration of renewable technologies, such as Photovoltaics, on the infantry soldier

This book chapter presents the work done in the EPSRC/DSTL Solar Soldier project. It presents how design and digital innovation can enable portable renewable energy technologies of today, to be integrated on the modern infantry soldier. It prsents a study that employs digital design tools to investigate the optimum positions for the integration of thin flexible Photovoltaic panels on the infantry soldier across different locations, seasons, weather conditions and theatres of operation. Finally it provides a set of guidelines for the positioning and integration of such renewable energy technology on the modern infantry soldier, which can be used for civillian applications too. For more information see:

Book Title

Solar Soldier: Virtual Reality Simulations and Guidelines for the Integration of Photovoltaic Technology on the Modern Infantry Soldier IN Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications


Obaidat, M., Filipe, J., Kacprzyk, J., Pina, N.



Publication Date

3rd of January 2014


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