Dr Adrian Gradinar

Associate Lecturer, Research Associate
Design, Physical-Digital, Experience Design, Interaction Design, Research through Design
a [dot] gradinar [at] lancaster [dot] ac [dot] uk

I am a researcher and designer, whose main area of interest focuses on the intersection of the digital world we are constantly surrounded by and the physical one we actually reside in, especially how design and the practice of research through design are central to creating better experiences for everyone living in and experiencing this hybrid space. 

I am passionate about everything that has to do with experience design, from the nascent stages of ideation to prototyping, development and final implementation. I also design and develop Android mobile applications as well as general responsive websites, and I feel a true devotion to the design field in all its aspects. 

I am currently working as an associate lecturer and researcher employed on the Objects of Immersion research project and have taken part in more than a dozen research projects with different academic institutions.

Updates and Outcomes

You can find a list of Adrian Gradinar's publications on the Lancaster University research pages.