Michael Stead

Research Associate for Visualisation and Impact, Design PhD Student
Industrial product design, design futures, design fiction, research through design, internet of things, sustainability
m [dot] stead1 [at] lancaster [dot] ac [dot] uk

I am design visualiser for two EPSRC funded research projects - Liveable Cities and PETRAS Internet of Things hub. I am responsible for disseminating the research outputs of each project to audiences through a variety of visual media and design techniques.

My PhD research focuses on the environmental impacts of industrial product design in the age of ubiquitous computing, specifically the sustainability of the Internet of Things (IoT). Using design fiction/speculative design methods to build upon Sterling’s notion of ‘spimes’, my thesis will put forward a design manifesto for an open, ethical and sustainable IoT.

See my research publications and outputs here - http://www.research.lancs.ac.uk/portal/en/people/michael-stead(7246169a-8a06-4614-acf9-584f5930a74d).html


Updates and Outcomes

You can find a list of Michael Stead's publications on the Lancaster University research pages.

Key Projects

PETRASPETRAS PETRAS Privacy, Ethics, Trust, Reliability, Acceptability, and Security
Liveable CitiesLiveable Cities Liveable Cities Transforming the Engineering of Cities for Global and Societal Wellbeing