Design for Sustainability

From Here to There:
Radical Design for Sustainability

Professor Stuart Walker at TEDxBrum

Design for Sustainability covers a broad range of interrelated topics and research interests - from product design and speculative design to design for behaviour change to architecture, urban planning and large scale environments. Within ImaginationLancaster the focus is primarily on speculative design, design-related aspects of sustainability and social considerations. These link to other areas of expertise such as engineering, environmental management, and the philosophy of technology.

Our research brings together information and expertise from a wide range of sources and develops arguments, theories and scenarios to pursue our understandings of sustainability. A key aspect of the design-centred approach at ImaginationLancaster is the visualisation, and frequently the manifestation, of sustainable directions, scenarios and solutions – from the small scale in the case of speculative design and product design to the larger, urban scale.

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