Socially Responsible Design

Socially responsible design, or design for social innovation, has gained increasing prominence over the last decade with agencies such as IDEO challenging designers to produce innovative solutions to global problems, and the Design Council’s ‘Design Of The Times’ (DOTT) projects involving design practitioners working closely with local communities in England. Many service design companies are currently working with local government and health services, using design methods and tools to investigate and develop solutions to society’s ‘wicked problems’. It is recognised that socially responsible design has a strong element of codesign as designers focus on knowledge exchange, aiming to stimulate creativity with a view to developing community resilience and improving social capital.

The Design in the Big Society workshop, facilitated by ImaginationLancaster, brought together academics and design practitioners to focus was on how design might contribute to help support a society that allows people to innovate and change their world using participatory and co-design approaches to develop local responses to public services.

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