Urban Design

Urban design is concerned with exploring the relationships between people and places, urban form and flows, nature and the built environment. Key to research in this area, are issues of place-making, sustainability and design process. The identity of urban conditions across multiple scales enables issues of branding, culture, narrative, and policy to be examined. Sustainability in economic, environmental and social terms is central to urban design, its legacy and its future. Transformations in urban situations through infrastructural developments and the mediation of technology present an evolving scenario that requires careful consideration of resources to ensure that our cities, towns and villages are a shared and equitable environment for all. Such change necessitates new design tools, platforms and protocols to be developed. In addition, the role of manufacturing and how it informs the production of the built environment is an expanding field of research. How, where and why the design of urban objects, spaces and systems are developed is increasingly important in a world of finite resources. The nature of urban space especially the 'public domain', in an age where the internet of things converses with it, requires further analysis, discourse and experimentation.

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